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Friday, 28 May 2021 05:15

The Devil is in the Details: Lucifer 5B Review

Written by Lucks, Charly and Lev

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

WARNING: the following article contains spoilers for Lucifer season 5 part 2. Do not read unless you’ve watched the new episodes.

Lucifer 5B is finally here and the writers here at LCL Reviews are thrilled to finally be able to talk about it! Below, we reflect on the season as a whole through a Q&A series that highlights our favorite moments, characters, episodes, and more. Over the next few days, we’ll be doing more in-depth reactions for each of the eight episodes, but for now, please enjoy our overall season reactions.

1. Favorite episode?

Lucks: My top 4 favorites are 9, 10, 14, and 16 but out of all those amazing episodes, I think I have to pick 5x16, the epic finale episode.

Charly: For me it has to be 5x14 "Nothing Lasts Forever". This episode felt very character driven and grounded yet at the same time reached new heights of emotion. I adored the communication between Lucifer and Chloe. I enjoyed delving more into Ella's darkness. I felt for Maze's torment of realising what her hell loop would be. And of course, the celestial family reunion. Not only seeing Tricia again as the Goddess but having such a powerful and moving scene between two parents and their sons. Lucifer finally heard the words he wouldn't admit he wanted to hear. That his father is so proud of him and loves him. I might have conflicting feelings on God but that was one thing he got right. Lucifer has waited a millennia to hear those words and the expression of joy and disbelief was heartwrenching.

Lev: This is a tough choice! My top two favorites are 514 and 516. 514 is beautiful for the emotional moments between Lucifer and his father, the I Love You and I'm very proud of you, and the fact that God retires to Mum's universe to be with the only woman he'll ever love. Those are hard to beat. But then 16 comes along and because of the huge leaps that deckerstar takes, this episode is my favorite. Lucifer is ready to tell everyone his actual reason why he wants to be God - it's for love. It's for Chloe. As Zadkiel said "the best reason one could have." The appearance of Azrael at the perfect moment, Lucifer screaming, the beautiful yet so painful goodbye scene. Lucifer's resolve to get her back even though he knows it will kill him. Lucifer choosing Chloe and telling her he loves her, putting the ring on her ring finger and bringing her back to life. Chloe being a badass and nearly taking out Michael. I could go on and on about how much these scenes touched me.

2. Favorite character?

Lucks: While I think season 5 was Amenadiel’s best season and Dan really got a chance to shine in 5B, I have to pick Chloe. She was so patient and supportive with Lucifer while he was going through a difficult time with his family. Watching Chloe’s journey from being terrified and plotting to send Lucifer back to hell in season 4 to accepting all of him, loving him, and defending him from his family makes my heart swell and for this reason, Chloe is my favorite character in 5B.

Charly: This is a tough one because most of the characters shined bright in 5b but I'm going to have to go with Chloe Jane Decker.

One of the main things that stood out for me was her strength. Her strength to support and understand Lucifer even though you could see she was hurting. Yet also her strength of not being afraid to communicate her own desires and thoughts not matter what. Her strength as a mother having to break the news to her child that her father is gone, something Chloe is well versed in herself. She's been on the receiving end of that news too which makes her resilience to fight even more admirable. Her strength at facing down God, in defense of Lucifer was something a lot of us were hoping for and she didn't disappoint. This is the creator of the universe, the most powerful being alive and Chloe Decker didn't hesitate for a second to call him out on his bad parenting.

Chloe beating up Michael with supernatural strength was pretty satisfying to watch too but what struck me is how Chloe was able to resist the blade. Azraels blade which as seen in season 2, in human hands causes a murderous rage over simple things such as a parking spot. Chloe however, had an extremely powerful reason to use the blade on Michael ("you took the man I love from me") yet the pure resistance Chloe portrayed by not using the weapon and handing it over to Lucifer just shows how incredibly strong willed she truly is.

Lev: I love all of the characters in 5B for different reasons, but my choice is definitely Lucifer. I feel so deeply for his need and belief in free will as well as his pain at being rejected and unloved. The show often comes back around to his pain and feelings of self hatred so to finally address that and fix it felt tremendous. I could feel the weight lift from his shoulders as his Dad hugs him and tells him he loves him. "I love you son. And I am very proud of the man you've become." One of the best moments in the whole show, which brings on instant tears from me.

He has always said that he will never go back to the Silver City, yet he will go back for her in 516 without a second thought. He knows he will be instantly incinerated. "SO BE IT." He doesn't give a damn about himself because it's all for her. She is the only thing that matters. Seriously check this amazing emotional growth and how it differs incredibly from season 1 Lucifer. This is the ultimate selfless sacrifice that I believe makes him worthy of being the one that everyone bows to at the end.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

3. Funniest moment?

Lucks: While some of Lucifer’s one-liners like water-bordeauxed and Van Gogh ahead made me chuckle, the funniest joke of the season was one that some of you might’ve missed. In episode 14 at the celestial barbecue, the handsomest angel, aka the angel of giving is named Handjobadiel. Kudos to the writers for slipping in such a clever play on words.

Charly: Honestly, most of episode 11 was hilarious. God as a human was something i didn't know i needed until now. Him navigating through brainfreezes, having to pee, closing his eyes etc was silly yet charming and lighthearted. It made me laugh alot. Close runner up has to be episode 12 because poor Daniel but wow was it amusing and cathardic in the end.

Lev: "Because you fucking shot me Daniel!" I can't get over it. I laughed so hard. I spent the whole episode confused as to what's going on. I couldn't connect these people to any actual ongoing storylines and none of it made sense to me. Yet in that one line it all fell into place. I was not thinking that Lucifer would go to such great lengths to finally give Dan payback. Coming in second for funniest moments are all of the scenes that Dan goes through with God after having realized he slept with God's ex-wife. Kevin Alejandro crushes it!

4. Moment that made you cry the most?

Lucks: This one is a no brainer. Dan’s death in 5x15 had me in a puddle of tears. It was nonstop waterworks from Chloe holding him in her arms and calling him baby to Trixie finding out she just lost her dad and Lucifer, for the first time in the series, calling her “my dear sweet child” instead of spawn or urchin. Ouch.

Charly: It's got to be the hospital scene where Trixie finds out Dan is dead. The way she goes from Chloe to Maze to Lucifer in denial, begging them to tell her it's not true. The way they themselves have to hold it together. The pure heartbreak of a child losing her father was devastating, how could I not cry.

Lev: Dan's death, the heartbreaking hospital scene, the funeral and retribution scenes. It was so emotional. The hospital scene was hard enough with all of the main characters and then Trixie walked in and everybody else lost it.  Like Lucks said above "my dear sweet child" really just killed me. He knew that this was a time of great loss for her and she needed comfort.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

5. Most iconic moment?

Lucks: The final scene of the season with Lucifer lofting the flaming sword while all of his siblings and all of the demons bend the knee and recognize him as God lives rent free in my mind.

Charly: Lucifer's I Love You. Yes I am very predictable but how can you blame me. It's what we have all been waiting for and they really made us wait. Could the I love you have been earlier? In my opinion yes, perhaps at the end of episode 14 when Chloe announces she leaves the LAPD or episode 15 when Lucifer revealed why he wanted to become God. Yet, the moment that was chosen was still such a beautiful and incredibly meaningful one. Lucifer sacrifices himself without a second thought just as long as Chloe can live her life with her family and friends, even if that means without him. He chooses Chloe over himself once again in the ultimate way. The delivery of the line was also incredibly tender. The wait was hard but ultimately worth it. But also thank god- i mean Lucifer? for season 6 to see more of these two now that those 3 words have been said.

Lev: "Oh My, MEEEE," while Lucifer holds up the blade in astonishment. Michael and all of the angels are bowing. Chloe is standing off to the side, like a true Goddess. He looks and probably feels so out of place but everyone else knows that it's right. He is not only worthy of her, he is worthy of the throne. I am still in awe.

6. Best twist?

Lucks: In 5x16, I had assumed that they simply couldn’t get the actress that plays Azrael (the angel of death) to return due to other obligations. They had made an excuse about the angel of death being too busy to show up for the BBQ in 5x14 so I was not expecting to see Charlyne Yi reprise her role as Azrael. When she delivered the line “Sorry, Lu” my mood did a complete 180 from “oh hey, she did come back” to “oh no. oh no no no no”

Charly: Azrael's blade returning from the other dimension. I thought that was season 2 history! It was fun (well not really considering what ultimately happened with it) to see the angel of death's weapon again. It certainly made the show start to feel like it has come full circle.

Lev: When Chloe decided to retire from the LAPD. I did NOT see that coming. It provides the perfect parallel between John Decker and Penelope Decker and how they take turns to promote each other's careers. But also the perfect parallel between God and Goddess. God retires to Her universe where she is God and he basically becomes her "consultant." I'm dying to know how this huge change affects the storylines in season 6.

7. Favorite line/quote?

Lucks: “You’ve been helping me do my job for the past 5 years. Now it’s my turn to support you. That’s what partners do, right?”

Chloe delivers this line in the 14th episode and while it hurts to think about the detective not being a detective anymore, this line perfectly showcases her commitment to Lucifer and how there truly is no other man for her. Chloe is all in, whether he’s the devil, an angel, or God, Lucifer Morningstar is IT for Chloe Decker.

Charly: I'm going to give two because I adore them both. The first is "Shall we, future Mrs G?" I mean can you blame me for this one? It happened so quickly and without warning. The connotations of what Lucifer said really shows his growth and the way he views his relationship with Chloe. He without a doubt thinks they have a future and a successful one, with her right by his side.

The second one is "never loving someone is worse than loss." This was especially impactful, not only because of the loss of Dan but also in making Maze realise keeping Eve away because she is human is pointless. Why keep yourself from the joy of love and instead choose the alternate of not experiencing the beauty and the pain of it in it's entirety? It's something everyone who has grieved or is grieving needs to hear and it was beautifully delivered by Rachel and Lesley Ann.

Lev: "Shall we, future Mrs G?" "I choose you, Chloe, because... I love you." "I'll know when you want me to do that thing that you like." You didn't expect me to choose just one, did you? Future Mrs G?? I think my stomach flipped with that one! A character that scoffed at an emotional connection became a character that wants to spend the rest of his days with one person. Also finally Lucifer says, "I choose you" and "I love you" and we get a line of something that she likes in bed.

8. Moment that made you scream the loudest at your TV?

Lucks: When Michael thrusts the tree of life staff through Chloe’s chest and killed her, I screamed so loud that I’m pretty sure my neighbors were concerned for my well-being.

Charly: I had a few of these, both positive and negative but one of the ones that hit me hard was Azreal's appearance and instantly knowing what that meant. The angel of death had arrived for a soul. It happened so quickly and when Michael stabbed Chloe and Lucifer screamed her name, I might have let out a scream myself.

Lev: When Michael killed Chloe. That one hurt. Lucifer's scream still haunts my nightmares.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

9. Best actor for each episode

5x09- Tom Ellis
5x10- Tom Ellis
5x11- Dennis Haysbert
5x12- Kevin Alejandro
5x13- Rachael Harris
5x14- Lauren German
5x15- Scarlett Estevez
5x16- Tom Ellis

5x09 Tom
5x10 Tom/Dennis (that duet!)
5x11 Dennis
5x12 - Kevin
5x13 Rachel
5x14 Lesley/Aimee
5x16 Tom/Lauren

Lev: Nearly impossible because each actor does such an amazing job.
509 Tom (Family Dinner. Two Toms. Need I say more?)
510 Tom/Dennis (the "I Dreamed a Dream" sequence is beyond stellar)
511 Tom/Dennis (the airplane scene)
512 Kevin. He is beyond amazing in this episode.
513 Rachael. She brought every emotion to the table.
514 Tom/Dennis (the tears, the hug and the emotions omg)
515 Lauren/Kevin. No words needed.
516 Tom/Lauren. There's no way I could choose between them.

10. Biggest game changer? A moment that will change the show forever.

Lucks: There are a lot of good contenders. From Dan’s death to Eve and Maze officially getting together to Lucifer sparing Michael’s life and lopping off his wings, there are plenty of moments in 5B that will forever change the show but Lucifer becoming God has to take the cake as the biggest game changer. The writers took a big swing and I personally can’t wait to see what comes next. One thing is for sure though, things will never be the same.

Charly: I have to agree with Lucks on this point! Lucifer becoming God is one of the biggest game changers the show has done, certainly risky but for now looks like it paid off. I am excited to see Lucifer in his new role in season 6 and how that changes the dynamics of all the characters around him.

Lev: "I'M GOING TO BE GOD!" and the way it actually happened at the end still leaves me stunned. It was something possible in my mind but I didn't expect that it would actually happen because Heaven is Lucifer's least favorite place. But all of that changed after the time he spent with his dad. Give me season 6 please. Lucifer thinks it's going to be easy being God so I'm eager to see all of the challenges that he faces.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

11. Any moments that didn’t live up to expectations or loose ends you’d like to see addressed in Season 6?

Lucks: For me there are a few moments that I really hope we get to see in Season 6. I want to see Chloe learning about all of the sacrifices Lucifer made for her, from literally going to hell and back for her multiple times to killing his brother Uriel to protect her and more. I also was hopeful that God would reveal why he made Chloe a miracle but when it was nearly broached in episode 10, Lucifer cut her off before they could address it.

Charly: Some things I felt that where left unanswered obviously things like why is Lucifer invulnerable again? Does Chloe still not know all the sacrifices he has made for her? Chloe wanted answers about her miracle status yet we never got any. I felt Trixie was left incomplete, specifically her relationship with Lucifer. I also felt that even though the Maze and Eve scenes we got where amazing, we could have done with more to really build them. I understand though that the show does need to bring back viewers for their final season so perhaps these things will be featured in Season 6. Fingers crossed.

Lev: It's not explained why Lucifer becomes invulnerable around Chloe, nor why he lost his mojo. I can speculate on it but there's no answer. Also like Lucks said above, there's no explanation as to why God made Chloe a miracle, why her? That is a question Chloe asked Amenadiel in the interrogation room but it is still unanswered. Trixie felt unfinished. Her anger at Lucifer wasn't fixed and then her dad died. They left her in a sad and angry place. Did the ring have any other effects on Chloe other than bringing her back to life? I would also love some answers as to why Ella has such darkness. I hope we have more answers in season 6.

What did you think of Lucifer Season 5B? What did you like, what did you love, and were there any parts that you didn’t care for? Let us know in the comments below or go yell at us on twitter @LCLReviews

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  • Comment Link AtariMia1 Saturday, 29 May 2021 15:55 posted by AtariMia1

    When I saw Azreal I was like YAY! because I was 100% sure the actress wasn't coming back and I had really wanted her to return. But then I immediately realised what it meant - about the same time Lucifer did, too. Since they filmed the coliseum scenes at the same time as S6, I am hoping Azreal returns again and Ella finally realises her ghost is not a ghost. They seemed to have foreshadowed that again with her writing the novel.

    Ella and Lucifer singing at Dan's funeral was amazing, it gave me goosebumps.

    Tricia retuning too, icing on the cake.

    I am so glad I wasn't spoiled about Tricia, Azreal, and Chloe's impalement with the tree of life branch (!? will that be something?), or Lucifer's sacrifice in going to the Silver City to save Chloe.

    And Mr Said Out Bitch! He made it! That had me crying even MORE. Nice parallel there with Lucifer helping him in Hell and then him helping Lucifer in Heaven.

    The cliffhanger ending wasn't as cruel as I had been worried about, thank Dad.

    For Season 6 I am still hoping for Lightbringer powers. I am still not convinced we've seen the end of the S4 prophecy.
    Chloe learning about the sacrifices Lucifer made for her in the earlier seasons. Plus, just some lighthearted, really intimate communication/relationship moments with Chloe and Lucifer.

    Now the wait beings again, but we have 8 new episodes to rewatch and find the details in.
    Thanks for everything, LCL. You guys are awesome 3

  • Comment Link Kriszta Saturday, 29 May 2021 01:36 posted by Kriszta

    I totally agree with everything that’s been said above. The season definitely lacks most of the answers we’ve been waiting for. Personally, I missed a scene between Lucifer and Maze where Lucifer gives her THE Ring.

  • Comment Link WendyG Friday, 28 May 2021 19:55 posted by WendyG

    This is by far the best season of the series and was well worth the wait! Tom deserves every award on the planet for his stellar performance. Just can't gush enough!

  • Comment Link Ellen Colon-Lugo Friday, 28 May 2021 16:44 posted by Ellen Colon-Lugo

    -Love to
    A Dan/heaven resolution
    -do, he’s officially GOD. Does he keep his wings?
    - it’s a given: how to tell Ella? Trixie?
    -new rules ( ask Bill Maher?)
    -would love a quick visit from Father Frank for a musical with our guy/ GOD
    -did I miss « Hallelujah » ?
    -please, no more clunky boots for Chloe

    My brain hasn’t absorbed it all as yet, but thank you to everyone who did anything at all to bring us this show

  • Comment Link wendy weissman Friday, 28 May 2021 15:06 posted by wendy weissman

    Thanks guys! Hearing an honest review from fans is so refreshing. I personally was a bit disappointed. I thought the pacing was a bit off but ended in a place that I thought was good . Certainly makes for a great lead in for Season 6. I watched all 8 right when they were available so I definitely have to rewatch them and maybe my opinion will change. I also agree with all the loose end comments. The writers definitely teased at Chloe's miracle being something very important but not answered.

  • Comment Link Karen Chan Friday, 28 May 2021 11:16 posted by Karen Chan

    Loved it the musical episode, Dan’s funeral Tom and Aimee singing, cameos by so many and also Tom’s daughter at the funeral. Then the final episode 😱😈💖

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