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Monday, 07 June 2021 10:10

God IS one of us and Dan's Odyssey: Lucifer 511 and 512 Review

Written by Lucks, Charly and Lev

photo copyright Netflix

Here we'll dig in to episodes 11 and 12 so click through if you'd like to read some of our thoughts and reactions. PLEASE NOTE THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR ALL OF 5B.

Episode 11- Resting Devil Face

The 11th episode of Lucifer season 5 was one of the funniest of the bunch. It begins with Lucifer and Amenadiel having a bit of a ‘it’s time to take the keys away from dad’ moment as they plan to present a unified front to approach their Father about him losing control of his powers. Later in the episode, Dennis Haysbert really gets to flex his comedy muscles as God decides to make Himself human and accompany Lucifer on a case. Hilarity ensues as God discovers all of the foibles of being human.

Though, Ellis and Haysbert are the comedic duo in this episode, you can also feel the underlying tension and anger between the two characters, so fragile the ground they are on even when the topics are lighthearted.

Lucifer and Chloe are in a bit of relationship limbo this episode, and while they’re still working together to solve the case, it’s clear that things are strained between them throughout the episode and especially when the couple shares an awkward goodbye kiss/hug/cheek kiss in the boxing gym.

A beautiful and heartaching moment we have to point out is when Lucifer sees his father get hurt. The range of emotions on Ellis' face, from shocked, to worried, to vengeful and rage in a matter of seconds was powerful. Lucifer exclaiming "no one lays a hand on my father" really exemplifies the man Lucifer is. After all the trauma and hurt his father has caused him, he still only wants to keep him safe. That's who Lucifer is, neither just a devil or an angel, but a protector.

photo copyright Netflix

Trixie goes through a tough time in this episode, taking her frustrations out on a bully at school, and ending up on Linda's couch for a different type of therapy session. She also opens up to God later in the episode about her anger that Lucifer left "for Florida" and this interaction in the train station helps in the healing of both of them. In the end, there's a beautiful heartfelt scene between Trixie and her mother. Trixie went through a lot of emotions and healing in this episode. We feel that she still has healing to go through with Lucifer, which didn't get much attention in 5B.

This episode ends with a shocking twist: God tells Lucifer and Amenadiel he is ready to retire. This he tells them in confidence, and to keep it to themselves thus giving the impression that God wants either Lucifer or Amenadiel to take over his position. Then He mysteriously disappears before any questions can be asked. Another great way to finish an episode, by leaving us on the edge of our seats.

photo copyright Netflix

Episode 12- Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid

The 12th episode takes a detour and focuses almost entirely on Dan. His day goes from bad to worse as a routine prisoner transfer from Mexico goes very very wrong and he is going to be forced to kill a bookmaker for the Russian mob in order to get an antidote to save his life from a rare poison in less than 12 hours!

The whole episode is chaotic and hilarious but it ultimately makes sense at the end when it’s revealed that it’s all just an elaborate multi-million dollar prank that Lucifer played to get revenge on Dan for shooting him in episode 7. The extremely well place F-bomb at the end of the episode is perfect on every level.

"Definitely framing that one!" (photo copyright Netflix)

There's a heartfelt moment between Dan and Maze at the end of this episode that we loved. It's a rare occurrence when Maze shows genuine feelings for a human, much less Dan, but when she admitted that she would take a bullet for him and kissed him on the cheek, we couldn’t help but marvel at how far these two have come.

While Lucifer’s intent was to make Dan miserable (because he f**king shot him), the prank actually ended up helping Dan and led to a moment of catharsis and healing. At the end of the episode when Dan asks Lucifer how he pulled it all off, Lucifer remarks, "I suppose I realized that whenever you're given a choice, you always at least try and do the right thing." Then Dan thanks Lucifer, because he looked back over the whole scheme and other things in his life and realized that Lucifer is right. He does try to do the right thing. You can see it in his face that he feels refreshed by this, like there's a weight lifted from his shoulders. So why is he in Hell at the end of the season? This is a good question, which we think is explored in season 6.

photo copyright Netflix

Did you spot all of the easter eggs? Here's the ones we noticed:

  • Los X
  • Improv from 207
  • Yes… AND…
  • the head in a box (SCREAMING)
  • Losing the suspect, and Dan asks for Lucifer’s help when he loses the suspect.
  • Dan NAKED, waking up with no clothes on
  • Losing his ride!! Both times he has to call in for backup: 512 it's Amenadiel, 325 it's Maze.
  • For losing his ride, again Maze laughs at Dan!
  • Dan being afraid of heights. He’s gotten flown now by Michael AND Amenadiel!


If you haven't read our interview with writer Mike Costa, give it a read here. He gives us some amazing insight into Dan's character, that amazing F bomb, as well as some insight into season 6.

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