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Friday, 10 September 2021 09:00

Sacrifices and Love: A Fitting End to One Hell of a Show (Lucifer Season 6)

Written by Lucks, Charly and Lev

WARNING: the following article contains spoilers for Lucifer season 6, the final season. Do not read unless you’ve watched the new episodes.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

With the 6th and final season of Lucifer now available on Netflix, the team here at LCL Reviews thought we’d take a look back at all the moments that made us cry, laugh, and scream during Lucifer S6.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Lucifer Season 6. Endgame spoilers. Don’t read on unless you’ve already watched the final season.


1. Favorite episode

Lucks: my favorite episode of the season (and maybe of the entire series) is 6x09 Goodbye Lucifer. The episode was the perfect blend of heart and humor. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it had some of the most beautiful and memorable deckerstar scenes in the entire series that will stick with me for years to come.

Charly: This is a tough one, it depends on what I’m in the mood for. If I am looking for comfort, I'd choose Episodes 1 and 3. These episodes were witty, fun, emotional, flirty, everything that reminds me of the comfort this show has brought over the past 6 years. Episode 8, which I also adored, features all of our favorite characters just being together and actually talking to one another. It's the best thing to witness and brings me a certain level of catharsis.

However, if I'm ready to be emotionally destroyed, I'm going straight to episode 9 and 10. Chris Rafferty, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson know how to write the hard hitting stuff in the most beautiful way and these episodes showcase that to the extreme. There are scenes in these episodes that will always stick with me like the 609 beach talk between father and daughter, the panic room dance, 610 piano scene...I could go on and on. The writers put their all into this season and I wholeheartedly enjoyed every single episode.

Lev: This is easily 609. Chris Rafferty's episode 'Goodbye Lucifer' is my favorite episode of season 6 and my favorite episode of the whole show. I'm a sucker for fabulous emotional scenes but when they're paired together with scenes of ultimate love and family, that's it for me. That is the epitome of what a brilliant episode should look like. Lucifer bonding with his daughter (water balloons, shopping, sumo wrestlers, MORE BONES), Lucifer's response to Chloe being pregnant, the "feeling totally fine room" (45 minutes of dancing and kissing), the amazing speech that Lucifer gives Rory on the beach about hoping she never felt the way he did, Dan finally going to heaven. I could watch it over and over again. IT IS BRILLIANT.

2. Favorite character

Lucks: My favorite character this season was the devil himself Lucifer Morningstar. This truly was his best season in terms of emotional growth and development. I kept waiting for him to backslide and regress like he did so many times before in previous seasons, but it never came. He truly has changed this time around and was more in tune with his emotions than ever before.

Honorable mention goes to Rory for piquing my interest during the first few episodes to the season and then stealing my heart for the rest. Brianna Hildebrand was a phenomenal choice to play deckerstar’s daughter and I absolutely melted during her scenes with Chloe and then her eventual bonding with her father in later episodes.

Lev: It will always be Lucifer. From being the punisher in Hell to reforming souls in Hell is beautiful to me. They gave him that one last story that he needed for his character's journey to be completely fulfilled. Not only did they show his unconditional love for Chloe but now his unconditional love for his own offspring. He's had so much emotional growth, from not wanting a connection to a human at all, to having a family and wanting nothing more.

Charly: All the main characters were so well developed in this final season and I loved them all. But if I had to choose, I'm going to say the Devil himself. Lucifer's whole journey has been one of the most frustrating and satisfying things to watch. We've laughed, we've cried, we've felt slightly disappointed and we've felt immensely proud. When we first  meet  Lucifer, he was this abandoned, lonely being filled with anger and resentment, just trying to find where he belongs. Now, he has become someone who's learned how to love and be loved in return. His journey has been about finding his own family but also his purpose, being proud of who he is and gaining fulfillment with his one true love. It's what we have always wanted for him and it was delivered in the most beautifully drawn-out way. What a journey and what a character. Lucifer Morningstar is one we will never forget.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

3. Funniest moment

Lucks: I can’t tell you how hard at laughed at Lucifer’s one-liner right before the 604 title theme. “I’m nobody’s daddy” combined with him putting on his sunglasses in the style of CSI Miami had me in absolute stitches.

Charly: One of the best aspects of this show is its comedy. The writers and cast know how to play humor up very well, even in it's darker moments. There are so many moments that made me laugh, especially this season. I think Lucks and I agree on this one; it's the moment in episode 4 when Lucifer is on a mission to prove he is not a father. A man walks up to him saying "hey daddy" flirtatiously, and Lucifer, in all his Lucifer-ness, delivers the most Lucifer of lines ``that's where you are wrong buddy boy. I'm here to prove that I am no one's daddy" before strutting off dramatically. God, we are going to miss this character so much.

Oh and Cartoon 'Smoothy' Lucifer. The poor guy, but how hilarious to witness his utter anguish in such a typical Lucifer way.

Lev: When Chloe said, "We do not shoot people in this family!" and Rory said that we established we totally do. Also Lucifer saying he's nobody's daddy. So funny. This also makes me wonder if it's a play off of the famous Buzzfeed tweets of "Tom Ellis is daddy".

4. Moment that made you cry the most

Charly: There were many moments that made me cry this season, and I'm forwarding my therapy bills to the whole Lucifer cast and crew. I'll pick two.

This one kind of took me by surprise at how emotional I really got. It was Maze and Lucifer's goodbye. These two have had quite the rollercoaster when it comes to their relationship, betrayals and hurtful words yet a deep understanding and friendship to go with it. Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt delivered an extremely raw and powerful goodbye between the two characters and when Maze hugged Lucifer with tears in her eyes? Well I had to join her.

The second isn't surprising at all, yes that's right, it was the f***ing beautiful and painful masterpiece that is the 610 piano scene. The acting from Ellis and Lauren German was breathtaking; bringing Lucifer and Chloe's utter devotion and love and heartbreak to life. The words exchanged were heart wrenching and unforgettable and the music and cinematography just added to the painstaking beauty of the whole moment. This scene is probably going to live in my mind for many years to come and when I think back on the show, this will be one of the first things I think of.

Lucks: Chloe and Lucifer’s goodbye scene in 610 really f***ed me up. I would like to formally apologize to my neighbors for any wailing noises you may have heard .I vividly remember screaming “wow” over and over again at various decibels when Chloe tells him to close his eyes and that she will always be with him. I knew that they would have to go their separate ways and I thought it was an incredibly beautiful and bittersweet goodbye scene but just because I knew it was coming didn’t mean it made me cry any less.

Lev: DEFINITELY in 610 when Chloe tells Lucifer to close his eyes and she says, "You can't see me, but I'm right here." The kissing montage on the throne with tears and his eyes closed the whole time. They know he has to leave but if he pictures her next to him, kissing him, it may be a comfort in his loneliness. The whole scene just broke me. Beautiful job getting us to visualize Lucifer not being alone on his throne. Chloe's tears and their emotions just set my tears flowing. That scene.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

5. Most iconic moment

Lucks: Chloe and Lucifer making out on the piano bench/throne of hell for a solid hour and a half will definitely stick with me for a long time but the scene where Le Mec has Rory strung up by her wings and Lucifer and Chloe fight off an army of goons to save their daughter is also pretty iconic.

Charly: I adored episode 9’s panic room dance sequence. There was just something so intimate and beautiful about it. Two souls who are so in love, spending every second they have and not taking it for granted. No words were needed, only the physical actions; the soft caresses and gentle kisses,  speaking more than any words could. One of my favourite scenes not just this season, but of the entire show.

Lev: Forty-five minutes of Lucifer and Chloe holding each other in the feeling totally fine room. No words, just being with each other, soaking each other in, kissing and caressing. Determined not to lose each other. It's one of my favorite scenes on the show, written by Chris Rafferty and beautifully directed by Kevin Alejandro. I will mention another iconic moment here, in 610 when Lucifer is shot three times, brings out his wings, sails up to the top container in slow motion, takes out the guy and then brings out his red eyes. It's gorgeous and perfectly done.

6. Best twist

Lev: Definitely the main story of the season: Lucifer has a daughter with Chloe, and that her anger with Lucifer for not being there for his family caused her to time travel back to take her revenge. I love stories that give us time loops and different ways of viewing time.

Charly: Rory being Lucifer and Chloe's daughter from the future! Episode 4 leads you to the impression that it is just Lucifer's daughter but thank dad, we find out soon enough that Rory is also Chloe's too!

Lucks: I was so lucky to go into Season 6 not knowing that Rory was Chloe and Lucifer’s daughter. I was initially on the fence about them having a baby but after seeing Rory interacting with Chloe and Lucifer, I was completely on board with it.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

7. Favorite line/quote

Lev: Choosing one is impossible, so how about four?
(610) "No matter where you go. No matter where you are. I'll be with you always." My heart is screaming. *cries in deckerstar*
(604) "Yeah. It’s just, I’ve been thinking—” “About other things we can try in midair? Yes, me too [laughs]." Can we talk about aerial sex please?? Thank you writers!!
(604) "If there's one thing that I've learned coming back is that you gotta take advantage of the time you have with your kids before it all goes away. And you're lucky because she's still out there... somewhere. Go get her." My favorite Bracelet Bros scene ever.
(605) "We have a daughter." "Yeah." "It's amazing." [Lucifer and Chloe share emotional looks.] "I’d say get a room, but, well, clearly you did"

Charly: It's got to be "No matter where you go, no matter where you are, I’ll be with you. I’ll be with you always" for two reasons. One, because Chloe kept her promise, now she will be with Lucifer always and isn't that just the most beautiful thing? Two, it also feels like a message from the show to the viewer, the show may have ended but the story is still there, and no matter where we go or what we do with our lives, the characters will always be there to welcome us home whenever we need them.

Lucks: There are soooo many great lines in Season 6 ranging from funny to heartbreaking but the line that had the most profound impact on me was Chloe’s promise to Lucifer in 610: “No matter where you go, no matter where you are, I’ll be with you. I’ll be with you always.”

That line was powerful not only because it was one of the most iconic deckerstar moments in the entire series, but because it encapsulates the essence of religion. Religion is all about believing without seeing and trusting that God is with you even without concrete proof. While Lucifer might not have ended up as God, the faith that Lucifer and Chloe have in each other is so deep, it rivals any religion.

8. Moment that made you scream the loudest at your TV

Lucks: I screamed “oh my god!” so loudly during the Mazeve wedding that I must once again apologize to my neighbors. I’m a sucker for a good wedding scene and between Maze and Eve’s vows, Linda’s officiating, and Chloe and Lucifer being absolutely adorable and cuddly in the front row, I was emotionally compromised during that entire scene and had to let it out somehow.

Charly: In 610 when Rory had saved Lucifer and they started hugging, I was literally shouting out loud "Don't turn your back on Le Mec, are you two dumb? What are you doing?!" and low and behold, he nearly took out our Devil. Thank God for Chloe Jane Decker, she really is a miracle.

Lev: In 609 when Lucifer got a call from Rory but it was actually Le Mec and he had kidnapped her. And of course, they were at 10th and Swanson. I screamed, cried a lot, and took a break to scrub some dishes. Also a special shout out to the moment in 610 when Lucifer goes down on his knee, opens up his arms ready to be sacrificed so that Rory can go on living.

9. Best actor for each episode

601 - Lesley Ann Brandt
602 - Aimee Garcia
603 - Kevin Alejandro  
604 -Tom Ellis
605 - Lauren German
606 - DB Woodside  
607 - Lesley Ann Brandt
608 - Rachael Harris / Aimee Garcia
609 - EVERYONE (I mean, Lucifer's individual goodbyes with each character, including Dan/Trixie's goodbye were just outstanding.The episode showcased the casts raw talent and they should be  extremely proud).
610 - Tom Ellis and Lauren German

I just also want to give a special shout out to Brianna Hildebrand because she was incredible this season, she played the role perfectly and brought all the emotions with it!

601: DB Woodside for his comedic timing and heart during the dinner scene.
602: Scott Porter for bring a relatively new character of Carol Corbett to life and making him so lovable in such a short amount of time.
603: Kevin Alejandro for hilariously portraying the struggles and strife of poor ghost Dan
604: Tom Ellis for his humor and perfect delivery of one-liners
605: Lauren German for portraying Chloe’s addiction to the necklace piece and breakdown over trying to kill Lucifer in such an artful way
606: DB Woodside for tapping into his own heartbreaking experience with the police for this episode.
607: Lesley Ann Brandt for showing vulnerability and emotion on a whole new level this episode.
608: Rachael Harris for being both hilarious and relatable by not wanting anyone to read her unfinished book and constantly stressing that it’s a first draft.
609: Brianna Hildebrand for all the adorable father/daughter scenes with Tom Ellis
610: Lauren German for deckerstar’s emotional goodbye and eventual reunion

Lev: There are outstanding performances by everyone and I can't pick just one.
601: Tom and Lauren
602: Scott and Aimee
603: Tom for Lucifer helping Jimmy in his Hell loop
604: Tom and Kevin for their bracelet bros talk on the balcony.
605: Tom for Lucifer trying to talk Chloe into handing over the knife and Lauren for Chloe's emotional talk with Dan
606: DB Woodside and Tom/Briana for Bridge Over Troubled Water
607: Aimee for Ella's reveal at the wedding and Lesley-Ann for her monologue under the balcony
608: Aimee for Ella finding out all of the details that she was left out of. Tom for Lucifer getting shot proving he loves Rory, deciding not to be God.
609: Kevin for Dan with Trixie, Tom for Lucifer bonding with his daughter (MORE BONES), the beach scene, telling everyone what they mean to him
610: Tom and Lauren, playing their characters as a team perfectly.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

10. Biggest game changer? A moment that changed the show forever

Lucks: Lucifer and Chloe finding out that they had a daughter together. The scene where Lucifer finally accepts Rory as his daughter is a huge moment for the show and completely changes everything. Their daughter is also the reason they have to spend 40+ years apart to preserve the time loop and was the main driver for the bittersweet ending.

Lev: Lucifer becoming Hell's healer. He started off as a torturer, punishing the guilty souls in Hell, and ended up as someone who heals them. No longer does he deal with the pain and suffering. No more Hell loops, just rehabilitation. All of these skills he learned from his time on Earth with humans and an excellent guide in Linda Martin.

Charly: What Lucks and Lev said for sure!

11. How satisfied were you with the ending of the series?

Lev: It's a really tough question, because the ending hurt me a lot. The fact that Lucifer had to leave his family and not see his baby born, not get to see the milestones, not be there with Chloe all of those years was so painful. I cried to myself for probably a week. It has taken weeks to get past and accept it, and I take comfort in remembering Rory's line as she's heading back: "It's just a blip in our eternal existence. I get that now." Lucifer, as a character, had the perfect ending. Being God wouldn't have suited him at all. I can see that now. Hell's healer is perfectly suited for him since he helped so many people when he was on Earth. That's where he could do the most good. Being on Earth while Chloe grew older and older wouldn't have worked for me either. But also the idea that he can pop up to Earth to check on his family and watch from afar has also really helped me.

That being said, Lucifer and Chloe eternally existing together in this new version of Hell, helping souls to be better and reach Heaven is the best ending for them. Amenadiel is the PERFECT choice to be God, Ella has a beautiful story with a perfect ending, Maze and Eve have a great story where they are together catching criminals at least until she dies. I would have loved to have seen more of Linda's ongoing story (which didn't show Adriana) and know more of how Trixie fared with Lucifer leaving again.

Lucks: I thought it was a beautiful ending. It was bittersweet and emotional but a perfect fit for each of the characters to end up where they did. It reminded me a lot of the ending to the Good Place in that while it was sad, it was still incredibly satisfying. SADisfying, if you will.

Charly: Overall, I was satisfied with the ending. It took me a few weeks to fully process all the emotions it stirred within me but it led me to see so much more of the sweet than the bitter. I loved the endings for Maze and Eve as kickass bounty hunting wives, Linda being a fantastic mother and therapist, Ella thriving with her foundation with Carol by her side. Dan finally got his redemption and is living in eternal bliss with Charlotte surrounded by pudding and waffles. Amenadiel being God? Nothing is more fitting than AmenaGod. Along with the fact he still got to be very much in all their lives, especially Charlie's on earth.

Now, in regards to Lucifer and Chloe's ending, I will start with saying Lucifer finding his calling as Hell's healer was absolutely perfect. After all, it suits his character and is a brilliant reflection of the man he has grown to be. At the series end, here he is, literally the light bringer, helping to guide lost souls to the light.  

Also Chloe as the LAPD's lieutenant? There is no other person better for the job and to help make a change and fight for justice.

However, adding Rory and a pesky time loop into the mix resulted in Lucifer and Chloe having to separate for Chloe's remaining mortal earth years. It hurt. Bad. The sacrifice they made for their daughter was as bittersweet as any. Initially, this was all I could focus on, the bitter part of it. Lucifer not getting to be a part of his daughter's childhood and be with Chloe throughout it. After my tears had subsided I came to realise that in the lore of the show, it really is "just a blip" in their eternal lives.  

Seeing Lucifer and Chloe reunite in Hell made me bawl just as hard as their separation. The awe on Lucifer's face and the simple "Hello Detective" followed by Chloe saying "I thought you could use a partner" was all that was needed.  

That's what they are, partners till the end, and for evermore. All they ever wanted to do was help people and that's what they will do together as a team.

That's why it's so much more sweet than bitter. Lucifer leaving Chloe and baby Rory was not their ending. Chloe and Lucifer being together, having purpose to heal others and Rory being able to be with both of them from then onwards, that was their ending. A long goodbye for the sake of an eternal hello.

12. Now that the show is complete, rank all the seasons starting with your favorite

Lev: 6/5/2/4/3=1 (equals meaning I can't decide and actually don't want to put one season at the end)

Charly: 6/2/5/4/1/3

Lucks:  6/2/5/1/4/3 (This is always hard because so many of the seasons are incredible in their own ways)


So here we are. At the end. What a hell of a journey and one we will never forget. To the writers, the cast and the crew, we applaud your hard work over these 6 years, work you should be incredibly proud of. Lucifer will stay with many people for years to come. Whether that be rewatches, introducing others to the story, or just fond memories. The story you all created is in millions of hearts and will be for evermore. The show and it's fans have a partnership that will last to the end.

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  • Comment Link Joy Hale Sunday, 12 September 2021 05:34 posted by Joy Hale

    I was so good with reading this until I got to Charly's mention of Lucifer being the Light Bringer and helping souls to the light...I broke😭 This incredible show has done so much for it's fans. Made us laugh, cry, excitement, anger, and just an overall feeling of love for the this whole cast and crew. This last season will forever live in my mind. So glad we have the technology of today to sit and binge over and over again. I don't think I will ever find a tv show that is better then this one. I love our cheeky devil😈

  • Comment Link Michelle Binder Saturday, 11 September 2021 12:30 posted by Michelle Binder

    Well, you made me cry and smile again. I feel a little better today about Lucifer missing all the good stuff with Chloe and Trixie and Rory but still kind of feel like who cares about the time loop — let them all be happy together. I will be returning to this show again and again for the rest of my life.