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The second half of Lucifer season 5 truly raised the bar and delivered some of the series’ most mind-blowing, intense, hilarious, and heart wrenching episodes to date.

We wanted to examine each of the episodes more in depth and summarize the events of the episode with our reactions. Here are our recaps for Lucifer episodes 5x09 and 5x10, Family Dinner and Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam.

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

In advance of Lucifer 5B, we had the pleasure of interviewing Lucifer writer and executive story editor Mike Costa. Mike has been with Lucifer since season 1 and has written many memorable episodes such as Pops, Homewrecker, Expire Erect, and ¡Diablo! as well as episode 12 in Lucifer’s latest batch of episodes titled “Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid”.

PLEASE NOTE this interview contains spoilers for the second half of Lucifer season 5. Proceed with caution.

photo copyright Netflix


photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

WARNING: the following article contains spoilers for Lucifer season 5 part 2. Do not read unless you’ve watched the new episodes.

Lucifer 5B is finally here and the writers here at LCL Reviews are thrilled to finally be able to talk about it! Below, we reflect on the season as a whole through a Q&A series that highlights our favorite moments, characters, episodes, and more. Over the next few days, we’ll be doing more in-depth reactions for each of the eight episodes, but for now, please enjoy our overall season reactions.


Throughout these past several weeks we have been giving you small word teases along with song teases over on our twitter that have hyped you up without giving anything away. So we decided to put them all in one place in case you missed any.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 22:39

Lucifer 5B Official Promo Photos from Netflix

Written by

Lucifer fans got a big surprise tonight with the addition of a huge amount of 5B promotional photos. How are we even still breathing after seeing them? I've brought them here along with the correct episode number. There still could be some spoilers in the photos themselves so proceed with caution.

PLEASE NOTE that all photos are copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor. Thank you to Netflix for sharing these photos. Be sure to tune in for the second half of season 5 of Lucifer premiering on May 28 at 12am PDT!

photo copyright Netflix

The second half of Lucifer Season 5 is almost upon us. Whether you’re planning on binging it all in one sitting or spacing it out over a few days, you’re going to need some sustenance to keep you fueled through the emotional rollercoaster that is Lucifer 5B. Here is our definitive list of what foods, drinks, and snacks you partake in while enjoying the new episodes.


photo copyright Netflix/ESPN

When The Last Dance first came out, for whatever reason, it wasn’t on my radar. After a while, I was vaguely aware of the hype and eventually all my friends and the internet were buzzing about it so I finally agreed to put it on my watch list. Months later, I finally got around to watching it and I really enjoyed it!

Friday, 07 May 2021 14:54

Lucifer 5B Spoilers without Context Recap

Written by

Season 5 part 2 of Lucifer drops at the end of this month and we couldn’t be mOre excited for you all to watch it! In the meantime, we have been mercilessly teasing you with our ‘spoilers out of Context images’ for each of the newest 8 episodes. Well we have them all in one plaCe now, so why not have another go at guessing what these images coUld possibly mean.

Firstly, we have 5x09 (Family Dinner) spoilers out of context with images of napkins, an apple tree, a heart with a question maRk and children fighting over food. Any guesses?

Have you seen the Lucifer trailer? It's exciting, but beware of spoilers! God has arrived, paying a visit to his sons, but what's his reason? What's his angle? There's a scene at their family dinner, Chloe telling God he's a bad father "respectfully", exciting CGI shots, scenes showing humor and scenes showing pain. Lucifer 5B is sure to bring all of the emotions on May 28.

The trailer is here at Netflix, if you would like to see it. Run, don't walk. It's pretty cool!

Production stills were also released, and we have those too. We are not allowed to comment on them much, but at the very least we'll tell you what episode they come from. All photos are copyright Netflix.

Lucifer and Chloe in 5x13. Personally my favorite shot of the bunch.

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 16:17

Shadow and Bone Lives up to the Hype

Written by

Warning; spoilers below.

Set in the mythical Russian-inspired land of Ravka, the series combines characters from both the Shadow and Bone book series, as well as the Six of Crows books. While their journey starts off separate, the six main characters eventually cross paths and beautiful chaos ensues.

photo copyright Netflix

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