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  • Doctor Who: Winter in My Heart

    Vidders:  raspberry_splat (AKA RadiantAerynSun), HumansRSuperior, Leviathan
    Music: Winter in My Heart by Vast
    Description:  Without… Read More +

  • Farscape: White Shadows

    Vidder: RadiantAerynSun
    Music: White Shadows by Coldplay
    Description: John takes a reflective look… Read More +

  • Doctor Who: Learn You Inside Out

    Rose fears the unknown after The Doctor regenerates into Ten. Read More +
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November 2020: We are adding TV reviews to the site to get you excited for the new seasons! Starting with Cobra Kai and Lucifer, we'll be branching out to more shows soon.

August 2020: Like I'm Gonna Lose You

July 2020: Lucifer thirst vid

November 21, 2019: Lucifer Intervention Vid, where Lucifer deals with his mum's manipulation as well as his emerging feelings for the detective with doctor Linda's help.

October 11, 2019: My First Lucifer Vid, featuring the memories of Chloe that haunt Lucifer every time he sits at the piano to play Creep.

Aug 23, 2019: New Smallville Vidlet, featuring Clark's inept ability at telling lies. Clark and Lois in seasons 9 and 10.