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Most Popular

  • Farscape: White Shadows

    Vidder: RadiantAerynSun
    Music: White Shadows by Coldplay
    Description: John takes a reflective look… Read More +

  • Farscape: Through the Wormhole

    Vidder: HumansRSuperior
    Music: Fahrenheit by IM
    Description:  John tells his story about being an astronaut… Read More +

  • Doctor Who: Winter in My Heart

    Vidders:  raspberry_splat (AKA RadiantAerynSun), HumansRSuperior, Leviathan
    Music: Winter in My Heart by Vast
    Description:  Without… Read More +

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July 2020: Lucifer thirst vid

November 21, 2019: Lucifer Intervention Vid, where Lucifer deals with his mum's manipulation as well as his emerging feelings for the detective with doctor Linda's help.

October 11, 2019: My First Lucifer Vid, featuring the memories of Chloe that haunt Lucifer every time he sits at the piano to play Creep.

Aug 23, 2019: New Smallville Vidlet, featuring Clark's inept ability at telling lies. Clark and Lois in seasons 9 and 10.